Swiss Light 5400 Fold-Away Ionic Red

Incredible power, ions generator
and multiple settings
for professional results


Swiss Metal Master 2000W Premium Steel

A professional stylist with a
sophisticated look deserves
the Swiss Metal Master.


Swiss Nano 6200 Light Ionic Rotocord

Compact and light hairdryer
makes busy days more
comfortable for any stylist.


Swiss Nano 9400 Ionic Rotocord

Lightweight and small, 2400W
of operating power and ions
generator for smother hair


Swiss Power4Ever 2400W Rotocord

With 2400 w of operating power,
the SWISS POWER4EVER is one of
Valera’s most powerful hairdryers.


Swiss Silent 9500 Ionic Rotocord

A carefully designed Silent
System filter promises extremely
quiet operation and maximum power


Swiss Silent Jet 8600 Iconic

The Swiss Silent Jet 8600 Ionic
is the ideal addition to any
bustling, professional salon.


Swiss Turbo 8200 Ionic Rotocord

Quick performance and
long lasting results, excellent value
for any professional stylist.