Who are Valera

Specialists since 1955

We’ve been producing haircare equipment for more than 60 years. From the very beginning, our constant focus has been on the health and appearance of hair to boost our customers’ confidence and wellbeing.

We deal exclusively with haircare appliances. This gives us a specific competence that other non-specialised brands cannot have. We have a deeper knowledge of hair so that we can create haircare appliances that treat all hair types in a healthy and careful way, to bring about beautiful results time after time.

We are recognised as one of the most established brands in the industry. Our reputation comes from our close cooperation with famous stylists for the development of all our appliances.

Quality production

Our highly motivated team of engineers, product developers and designers work together in our Ligornetto factory in Switzerland to create products that are specific to the market and that target our customers’ needs in every possible way. Their efforts go hand in hand with our market research, sales and customer service teams to deliver our products from the drawing board to homes and professional salons worldwide.

ROTOCORD, the swivel hinge for professional hairdryer cables, is a perfect example of innovative development from the house of VALERA. Our product developers successfully followed and implemented this idea based on users’ first-hand tips from the craft of hairdressing.

We produce an average 1.5 million hairdryers every year with coordinated precision. Our in-house engineers and product managers monitor the ongoing optimisation of work processes to ensure the quality of all products, as well as the health and occupational wellbeing of our employees.

We continuously pursue our strategy to not only maintain, but to extend, our own production in Switzerland.


  • 1955 Gustavo Soresina founds SOREL in Milan, producing hairdryers and other small electrical household appliances for famous brands
  • 1978 Ligo Electric SA is founded in Ligornetto, Switzerland, and starts production in a new factory
  • 1990 Our own brand, VALERA, is created and positioned as a specialist in haircare appliances
  • 2008 Ligo Electric SA factory is extended, doubling the site to 4000 m2
  • 2010 Production is extended to hair straighteners
  • 2012 VALERA is sold in over 80 countries
  • 2015 We receive the Plus X Award for our SWISS POWER4EVER hairdryer


Noun: The quality of being Swiss.

Valera benefits from a solid reputation of the “made in Switzerland” claim. The Swiss cross has become one of the most familiar brands in the world. It stands for Swissness: an attitude to life and a promise of quality. People all over the world associate this symbol with the values of elegance, exclusivity, innovation, precision, reliability and respect for the environment.

Swissness is a guiding principal for Valera. We honour it by producing hair styling products that exude quality, precision, value for money, innovation and respect for nature.