Key Technologies

ENDURO Brushless DC Motor

Unprecedented drying performance and a service life ad infinitum.

In brushless DC motors, four extremely powerful Neodymium Iron Boron magnets replace the graphite carbon brushes used in conventional motors. Normal graphite carbon brushes rub against the motor and wear out. The brushless motor means higher efficiency and longer lasting. This guarantees a service life of up to 10,000 hours (five times longer than AC motors). It also guarantees a lighter weight and the prevention of environmental pollution through carbon dust emissions.

LONG-LIFE AC Universal Motor

Innovative aerodynamic technology with an extra-long service life.

AC (Alternating Current) Universal Motors are collector motors typically used in professional grade hairdryers. They produce a high air flow and pressure and have a very long life. Thanks to their unique aerodynamic technology, the expected life of Valera hairdryers with AC-Motors is approximately 2000 hours


A new generation of direct current motors.

Thanks to the exclusive ventilation technology of Valera professional hairdryers, DC-PRO motors produce a very high air flow and pressure, very similar to classic but heavier AC motors. This allows the use of thin professional styling nozzles. The expected average life of this motor is approximately 1200 hours.


Swivel cord technology for no more tangles.

The innovative swivel device is integrated in the power cords of Valera professional hairdryers. It prevents the twisting and forming of knots in the cord. ROTOCORD is a safe, super light, patented device that is “made in Switzerland”.


Smart Airflow

Aerodynamically optimised for outstanding performance.

Valera research and development created this technology using modern fluid dynamics simulation software. Smart Airflow optimises the path of the air-stream through the hairdryer from the inlet grille to the air outlet. This enables new hairdryers to achieve outstanding performance characteristics: energy conversion, air flow, air pressure, air speed and low noise levels.

Ionic Care

Farewell to the ‘fly away’ effect.

Negatively electrically charged ions can be found in abundance after a thunderstorm when the air is purer. Replicating nature, Valera ions generators produce millions of negative ions for purer airflow. This purer airflow created by negative ions helps hair maintain its proper hydration, making it softer and easier to comb. The ‘fly away’ effect caused by static electricity, as well as frizz, is drastically reduced.

Touch Me

The styling nozzle that remains cool.

An absolute novelty on the hairdryer market, The TOUCH ME styling nozzle does not heat up. This is thanks to its innovative and patent pending, self-cooling Double-Layer System. The TOUCH ME nozzle can be touched and rotated in any direction, even as the hairdryer is in use.

Colour Care

Protect coloured hair. Prevent loss of colour and shine. Maintain natural moisture.

Our Colour Care technology works in three ways:

  1. Ions generators help the hair to maintain its proper hydration
  2. Faster airflow allows for faster hair drying at cooler temperatures, and ceramic coatings on hair straighteners allow for smooth gliding and heat distribution without hot spots.
  3. Temperature Management for easy personalised and precise temperature regulation

Security Ripple Wire Heating Element

Safe, constant airflow and temperature distribution.

Valera uses Security Ripple Wire heating elements exclusively. The shape of the electric filament is directly formed on the mica card bearing. The assembly process is fully automated to ensure excellent stability. This superior type of heating element allows higher quality and safety, more constant temperature distribution, and ensures a longer life when compared with common spiral wire heating elements.

Green Vision

We are committed to respecting the environment. All Valera products are made with 95% recyclable materials and do not contain any hazardous materials (complies with European RoHS and REACH regulations).